Reference Design Contactless Chip-Card Reader

RFID Chip Card Reader based on MIFARE®

The Chip-Card Reader Reference Design based on Philips MIFARE® interface technology is a highly integrated contactless card reading system with USB and RS232 interface. The core is the Philips MIFARE® RC500 module, that can transfer data at a data rate of 106 kBit between card and reader. The transfer technology is certified according to ISO/IEC 14443 A and can thus provide maximum safety at a high data rate.


The 7cm x 7cm hardware provides enough space for a DSUB 9 connector for RS232, a USB connection or an optional RJ45 connector for the integration of the Chip Card Reader in a CAT5 cabling.


No external power supply of 5V is necessay in the USB operation mode. The MIFARE® Chip-Card Reader can update the embedded firmware by the standard accessory Windows-Flash-Tool. Updating of firmware is possible both via USB and the serial interface.


USB driver for Windows98 and Windows2000 are available for the MIFARE® Chipcard Reader. Under Windows NT4 the Chip-Card Reader operates via the serial interface only.


As application interface the MIFARE® Chip-Card Reader features a DLL, which provides a read and write interface for the direct reading and writing of the chipcard. This application interface can smoothly be integrated in the Microsoft Office-world and als be contacted by VBA.


For developers the MIFARE® Chip-Card Reader offers a JTAG interface, with which the firmware can easily be upgraded. The firmware offers the developer a comfortable interface for the communicaiton with the PC. The possibility of firmware upgrading and the utilisation of the Flash-ROM allows to operate the MIFARE® Chip-Card Reader also without PC in the stand alone mode.

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