2016      Founding of DATASOFT Embedded GmbH


2012      Offering Professional Project Management for the automotive industry

2011      Introducing moving code technology for communication protocols and

2009-     Technical & commercial Project Management at Frequentis AG,Vienna
2006      division rail (employed)

2006-     Project Management consulting in the field of embedded systems
2005      for Wind River/Intel, Munich


2004-     Development of a powerline ISDN gateway to route internet data from
2003      the ISDN network to the inhouse 230V powerline


2002      Hardware and software development of internet from the socket
             product base


2001      Hardware and software development and sales with focus ISDN

1999      Focus on embedded system development

1998      ISDN development for ISDN equipment manufacturer in Taiwan
             Integration of Flux ISDN protocol stack mapper for ISDN PCI adapter
             Development of ISDN Test Suite and Load Generator Software


1995-     Development of the ISDN software "Flux". Software interface mapper
1997      between ISDN applications according to ETSI 300325 PCI-NAF and
             the CAPI I/F


             Consulting Services in Software Development Bank Austria AG

             UMDASCH AG

             Consulting Services for the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation
             and Technology
             Consulting Services for the Federal Ministry of Econonmy, Familiy and


             Guest Lectoring ISDN Technology at Danube University Krems


1994      Founding of the Einzelunternehmen ING. DIETHARD MAHORKA
             Consulting and Engineering Services in the field of telcommunications