Engineering and Development

We offer highly innovative engineering and consulting services on hardware and software IP development for functional safety in connectivity and communications of embedded systems and PC based architectures.


Development services


We offer high reliable software modules, communication protocols and stacks for embedded and PC-based architectures for applications in the telecom/datacom and industrial market segment and automotive industry as

  • Communication protocols and stacks
  • Algorithms
  • Device driver development
  • SW API's and example applications


Moving Code Middleware Technology


Based on moving code middleware technology we enable OS and platform independent development of controllable software modules before microprocessor platform decisions are made leading to a significant acceleartion of the product development cycle, shorter time to market and earlier ROI of functional safe networked computing solutions.


Reduction of risks and time to market


Based on moving code middleare technology we radically reduce complexity, development risks and costs on validation and integration of functional safe networked computing systems while concurrent achieving highest quality and sustaining accelearation of the product development cycle of today's complex embedded systems and PC based products.


Focus on core competencies


As customer you can focus on your core competency, product functionality and features improving market share at substantial reduced costs leading to a higher ROI rather than worrying about re-useablity and design verification.

Project management and critical path

Streamline project management and shorten your project's critical path with moving code middleare technology rather than worrying about re-usability and embedded system level design methodolgies.

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