POTS Monitor Board Reference Design

8 x POTS trace board with automatic call recognition

The POTS monitor board can get connected to any analog telephone system for call recording generating Windows .wav files tracing date, time and subscriber number. Audio files can get administrated by a document management system.


The POTS monitor board can get connected to a ISDN S0-bus mother board for call recording of up to 8 B-channels with one S0 monitor board. The S-bus communication has no impact to the operations of the POTS monitoring board.


The POTS board can hooked up in parallel to conventional analog phone lines enabling calling line identification, connection status, DTMF tone identification. Using a Windows based GUI configuration program country specific adaption to the POTS interfaces can get managed easy.


The driver support was developed originally for WinNT4.0 providing a standard WAV API enabling call recording using standard recording software as Microsoft audio recorder.


Call records of call duration and time can get forwarded by an extension of the .wav API to the application.

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