4 x E1/T1 ISDN Reference Design

with H.100 Interface and 256x HDLC framer

Lantiq (former Infineon) based 4 x E1/T1-board

This 4xE1/T1 reference design board is a passive ISDN PC card with 4 primary rate E1/T1 I/F connectors compatibel with PCI bus I/F. Each E1/T1 interface can operate in TE user mode. The analogue circuit is conceived in such way that it can function both for E1 and T1 systems. Switching is effected by software.


The ISDN stack implementation supports DSS1-signalling. Driver support is given for Windows operating systems. A sophisticated clocking logic allows easy configuration of the clock source. In addition an automized identification of switching to an acitive E1/T1 interface is supported.


The 4xE1/T1-board features a H.100 bus interface (I/F) leading to an internal 68-pin bus slot. Due to this serveral ISDN PC cards can get installed within one PC system applicable for PC based swithing solutions. The H.100-bus features all advantages for PCM signal distribution providing compatibility to the MVIP bus standard.


The reference design is equipped with a 256-fold HDLC controller providing access to each single channel of the H.100 bus I/F and to the E1/T1 I/F's as well. The HDLC controller can also operate in transparent mode providing direct access to the individual B channels via FIFOs. Therefore an application can operate 256 channels concurrently.


The software implementation provides a CAPI2.0 I/F with extensions to manufacturer specific features as for example the H.100 switching or the HDLC controller.


The reference design provides a demo application including source codes for MS Windows visual C++ disclosing the operational functionality of the 4xE1/T1 reference design board.

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