Moving Code Technology

The expenditure with the development of embedded systems shifts increasingly from the hardware to the software. Developers must master a clearly higher complexity due to rising functionality requirements.

The know-how, gathered from a variety of projects where colleagues were confronted with continuously increasing design complexity, is reflected in a software innovation called Moving Code Technology.

By evaluating the realization problems in various projects, a common basis could get found enabling development of platform independent Source-Code. That means that it is adjustable independently of microprocessors, operating systems, hardware peripherals and compilers.

Engineers can develop within a distributed environment independent from each other platform independent source code using various platforms and operating systems as well and compile it to one dedicated target platform.

By this platform independence, source code becomes moveable and achieves maximum re-useability enabling re-use without re-work of code. Therefore, porting is eliminated. It is especially significant that this portability means that hardware-close periphery drivers can also be used as Windows Kernel-Mode-Drivers.

                 Don't port your code - just move it!

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