4 x BRI ISDN Reference Design

Lantiq (former Infineon) based 4 x BRI ISDN board

The 4/8xBRI ISDN board features up to 8x BRI S0 trunks using one PC PCI bus slot only. A 4xS0 daughter board can get connected to the underlaying 4xS0 mother board. Each S0 interface can operate in TE mode (user mode) oder NT mode (network mode). The configuration of the TE or NT mode is effected by on board jumpers. For NT mode operation it is also possible to feed 40V via an external power supply.


The ISDN board supports DSS1 signalling system. Driver support was developed for Windows NT4.0 as well as Window 2000 operating system. A sophisticated clocking logic enables easy configuration of the clock sources. Additionally support for automatic identification and switch to an active S0 interface is implemented. LEDs on the backplan show details on the activation and synchronous status.


A watchdog logic is featured and can get activate when necessary. In case that the watch dog timer is - for any reason - not longer triggered by the application, the on board relays pass through by short cuttin NT and TE mode.


The 4/8xBRI board features a MVIP connector enabling cross connection of several PC boards within one PC system providing MVIP I/F connectors. The application of this ISDN board is valid for least cost router, VoIP systems or PC based PABX solutions.

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