Cross Platform Independent Protocols & Stacks for ISDN

Based on Moving Code middleware technology a comprehensive set of cross platform and OS independent communication protocols and stacks were developed to be integrated cross platform within various embedded and PC based communication devices.

Moving Code communication protocols operate cross platform with any operating system or stand alone without an OS.

All source codes are written in ANSI-C and provide compiler and platform independence.


ISDN Protocols

  • DSS1, Europe
  • LAP-D Basic rate ISDN
  • LAP-D Primary rate ISDN
  • X.31


The ISDN DSS-1 protocol stack supports TE as well as NT mode.

Platform independent Data Communication Protocols

  • 64k transparent
  • HDLC transparent
  • X.75
  • X.25
  • PPP

Application I/F for ISDN with CAPI Stack

  • CAPI 2.0 Basic Stack
  • CAPI 2032 DLL I/F
  • H.100/MVIP switching extensions

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