MySecOS Security Middleware

With MySecOS security middleware, platform development becomes independent from microprocessor architectures, peripheral hardware, drivers and operating systems.


Due to platform independence, source code becomes “moveable” and achieves maximum re-useability of code. The application focus includes communication protocols and stacks. Code portability is significant for the application of hardware-oriented periphery software modules in both, Linux or Windows kernel-mode-drivers.


Based on MySecOS simulation environment operating under Microsoft Windows OS, security and safety critical software modules, such as communication protocols can be developed, tested and analyzed before hardware decisions are made. Due to its platform independence, MySecOS security middleware based source code achieves maximum reusability enabling


Portability without porting!


MySecOS Security Middleware simplifies distribution of cryptographic keys for encryption and decryption of data at each layer of the OSI model, enabling simultaneously multi-layer encryption and secured multi user access.


MySecOS Security Middleware Technology reduces  complexity for developers and reduces development risks of today’s complex functional safe embedded systems and PC-based products. MySecOS Security Middlware improves quality and robustness of functional safety critical software IP’s while concurrently reducing efforts and costs to security certifications due to design re-use optimization.


As a customers you can now focus on your core competency, product functionality and features, rather than worrying about product development time, design-re-use, robustness or cost reduction for security certifications. Support project management and shorten your project’s critical path with Security Middleware. Platform independence enables faster response to ever changing market conditions and managing your suppliers more effectively.

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