Cross Platform Protocol Stacks and Driver Software

Protocol communications software and stacks are the core enabling human to human, human to machine and machine to machine communications in various embedded system devices.

Moving Code middleware technology is a software innovation proved itself in the development of communications protocols and drivers for use with Internet, ISDN and powerline communication technologies.


  • Moving Code Technology enables bit-transparent re-useability of Code in Embedded and PC based architectures as Windows or Linux without change of code
  • This 1:1 move-ability (portability without porting) of code gains a radical reduction in complexity and development efforts and
  • increases productivity in development and integration of protocol stacks and driver software for embedded systems and PC based architecturses
  • Moving Code Technology enables centralized software updates of your installed base at one central point to be distributed for various target hardware devices in the field
  • Moving Code Technology enables reduction of maintenance costs and a continuous increase of quality of code through optimum design re-use

Based on moving code technology we developed a well defined framework as well as a comprehensive suite on networking communications and protocol software as TCP, IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, L2 Bridge, DHCP, TFTP, HTTP, PPP as well as ISDN L2/L3 and CAPI I/F.


Moving Code communication protocols operate cross platform with any operating system or in stand alone mode without OS.

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