MySecOS Cross Platform Security Gateway

  MySecOS Security Gateway Stack features


· E     • Efficient use of runtime memory due small binary footprint
Easy integration to Embedded or PC based 3rd party Operating Systems
  • Operates in MySecOS stand alone mode

          • Available as Source code on MySecOS based cross platform protocol stack architecture
    (ANSI C)
  • TCP/IP stack including TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP, IP Multicast, DHCP

            client/server, DNS forwarding, HTTP, TFPT
  • NAPT Network address port translation
  • Port forwarding
  • Embedded Web-Server
  • Remote software update
  • Ethernet MAC chipset driver library
  • Multiport L2 Bridge for bridging to USB, Firewire, WLAN, Fibre, Powerline, etc.
  • Configuration and performance monitoring (system diagnostics iinformation)
  • Platform support for 16-bit processors
  • MySecOS protocol stack development and simulation environment and

            test suite for platform independent simulation and debugging (Windows)
  • HTTP Remote Access Management
  • Quick and easy grafical user administration interface (GUI)
  • Application interface for 3rd party applications
  • For ISDN applications an ISDN stack environment is provided including DSS1

            for Europe in TE and NT-mode supporting Basic rate and Primary Rate ISDN

            as well as B-channel transparent, HDLC, X.75, X.25 and ML-PPPoI
  • ISDN Layer 1 chipset drivers libarary

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